Blanket Warmer Mask Sterilizer

Warm blankets are one nice thing about being in the hospital.

Blanket warmers may be able to sterilize N95 masks

According to Peter Tsai N95 Masks can be sterilized at 70 C for 3 hours.

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Charges are retained by exposing the masks in the hot air at elevated temperatures such as 70C for 30 minutes, which kills the coronavirus according to a report. The masks must be suspended in the hot air without contacting or being too close to a metal surface because the metal temperature is much higher than that of the hot air. Contact can lead to a severe charge decay or to damage of the masks.

Dr. Peter Tsai

Decontamination of N95 Face Masks

Dr. Tsai is the inventor of the electret fiber that is used in N95 masks. He was kind enough to write up a very complete FAQ about the use, calabilites, sterilization and more.

Example Blanket Warmers

Not all warming ovens are the same. Check to make sure it can maintain 70°C. Some warn about going that high but it is not clear if they can.

  • Blankets can be warmed to 200°F (93.3°C)

blanket warming temperature should be no higher than 54.44° C (130° F)

Temperature Range: 98-180°F (37-82°C)

adjustable temperature range of 32 to 71°C